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Gibbon FB551

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  Varne price list 1976
Current Owner
Previous owners

Peter Walsh - Truro 2003 -
Eric Daniels - Menai Bridge 1991-2003
Michael Marr - Howth - 1991
A. Gore-Grimes - Howth, 1979 -

Built by Varne in Essex and fitted out in Ireland
General Information

As far as is known Gibbon (a carvel style GRP boat) was built in 1979 and according to advertising literature, would have cost in the region of 10,000.   Like all the other VARNE built boats GIBBON is different to most Folkboat in so much as she has a very short stern deck the extra space so generated being utilised in a bigger (longer saloon).  At the 2000 rally at Carlingford GIBBON secured the trophy for being the best performing GRP boat throughout the week (three 3rd's and one 2nd)

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Dun Laoghaire 1999

Helmed by Eric Daniels, Mike Maguire crew

Gibbon v Spook IV

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VARNE MARINE - Price list 1976

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