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Neomys FB257

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An account of a rough sail from Holyhead to the Menai Strait

Current Owner
Previous owners

Robin Pinner - Menai Strait
L. Williamson - Queensferry
Gordon Brown - Menai Strait (now of Parmelia)
I .R. Dale - Menai Bridge
T. Parry
A.M.Barne - Dorset
Built Itchenor Boat yard 1964
General Information Carvel hull of mahogany on oak.  Engine replaced in 1978 with a Petter Mini 6

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Howth 1995

An early start from Howth bound for Holyhead


At anchor, Belan fort, Menai Strait

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under full Petter Six
Owner Robin Pinner at the helm
August 2000


Photo by Keith Horton - Blyth Spirit

"Must get a copy of this years tide tables"  Robin Pinner

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