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Siskin FB93

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Three Peaks Race 1991 The Siskin Trophy

Current Owner
Previous owners

James M McDonagh - Queensferry - Renamed 'Kaz'
Eric Daniels/Alex Shotton - Menai Strait
Richard Griffith - Conway
Blair Sark - Guernsey
Built Medina Yard in Cowes 1963
General Information Carvel construction of mahogany on oak.  The original Dolphin engine was replaced by a Yanmar 1GM10 in 1990.  A teak deck was laid in 1991, the year when Siskin was the smallest boat to enter the Barmouth Fort William Three Peaks Yacht Race.    She was sold and moved to Edinburgh in 1998, when Eric Daniels bought Gibbon.

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Beaumaris 1990

On Beaumaris pier for re-caulking of the boards by the mast step.

The Siskin Trophy

This trophy featuring the Folkboat Association burgee and that of th Conwy Yacht Club was presented to the Conway Yacht Club by the second owner of Siskin, Richard Griffith, in memory of his late wife Joanne.  It is presented annually by the club to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the club in the past year.   The inaugural award went to Richard himself!

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Extract from Outdoors Illustrated August 1991

"One of the smallest boats Siskin, under full canvass at the start of the race.  The crew, brimming with hope and confidence, were to find their first Three Peaks a  real challenge, to which they rose with equal spirit."

Three Peaks Race 1991

Skipper Alex Shotton, crew Ian Marshall and runners Eric Daniels and Will Patterson entered Siskin in the 1991 Three Peaks Yacht Race, from Barmouth to Fort William.  Competing against 40ft monohulls and several multihulls, all with support parties and a crew of five, Siskin stood no chance of winning from the outset, but the shear challenge was sufficient for the four crew to compete.  After an exhilarating start and passage of Bardsey Sound, at Caernarfon Siskin found herself 15th of 24.  During the boisterous night with winds 7 to 8 one boat was dismasted, one put into Holyhead for emergency repairs while a third Men of Harlech was lost on the beach of Llandwyn Island (with serious casualty) whilst trying to negotiate the dreaded Caernarfon Bar.  After the ascent of Snowdon, the runners re-embarked and Siskin negotiated the Swellies, Menai Strait, and the entrance to Ravensglass without serious incident.  Sadly after the successful assault on Scafell, Siskin and crew found themselves becalmed of the Mull of Galloway, sufficiently far behind to be forced to abandon the race.  Nevertheless the crew had risen to the challenge and were beaten only by bigger faster boats.

The magazine Outdoors Illustrated, featured an article about the race, in which reporter Andrew Sharland writes (of Siskin) 'although much of the limelight is thrown on the sleek technologically inspired creations that now occupy the winners rostrum, the bulk of the fleet is still made up from small boats, manned by amateurs and with the attitude that to compete is to succeed.  perhaps typical of this attitude  is Siskin, a small 26ft Folkboat, lovingly restored by its owners, without a hope-in-hell of winning and brought to Barmouth to compete in one of the great outdoor adventures.  "We haven't a penny of sponsorship and we've paid for the whole thing ourselves.  We have no backup team and can only fit four on the boat; I think the odds might be stacked against us."
But according to Eric Daniels, runner and co owner, there would be a huge amount of satisfaction to be had from competing and he admitted that the crew and runners were not too worried. "the runs will be a pretty steady walk up the hills, jog down, and along the roads.  I'll also have a pint and a cup of tea if I can find one."


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