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Xania - FB273

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Current Owner
Previous owners
Michael Cuthbert - Wexford - 2003-
Dave Connolly - Dun Laoghaire - 1998-2003
M. Meff Church Lane, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. ? - 1998
R. Doyle ? ?
M.J. Phelan Bramberg, Shielmartin Road, Sutton, Co. Dublin.1974 - ?
R. Williams - ? – 1973
Capt. H.G. Meadows 86 Old Fort Road, Shoreham, Sussex. 1967 - ?
C.B. Curtis 257 Croydon Road, Beckenham, Kent. 1965 – 1966
C.H. Robinson 9 Foxford Road, Caterham, Surrey. 1964 – 1965
Built by: Jactowa, Centromar, Poland. in: 1964. Type: Clinker. Original sails by Tuskar, McWilliams, Downer. RORC Rating: 15.66. TCF: 0.745.
General Information

Xania has been extensively restored by Dave Connolly over several winters, in the drive of his parents house.  However having left the head outside the front door for several years the boat has now been evicted from its winter berth.
Micheal Cuthbert writes (January 2004) "After sailing down from Malahide to Wexford in July, I'm afraid she hasn't been back across the bar. We have had a few very pleasant sails in the Wexford Harbour area during the summer. Still, 2004 is another season and we hope to get out and about during the summer. Apart from repairing the rudder, which got damaged when craning her out, there is little work to do other than varnishing and painting outside."

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Xania berthed in Victoria Dock Caernarfon

Skipper Connolly (blue shirt) in deep thought



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