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Spring Dinner 2001

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folboatdinner03.JPG (677830 bytes)The annual Spring Dinner was held on 24th February 2001.    In previous years this event has been held in the Liverpool Arms in Menai Bridge, but this year by way of a change the Old Boat House Restaurant in Red Wharf Bay was the chosen venue.  Some 23 people travelled, from as far afield as Leeds, York, Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Warrington, Caernarfon, Dublin and of course Red Wharf Bay.   The North Wales contingent of folkboat sailors were very pleased to welcome Graham Wilson from Howth YC (Dublin).    Although Graham has moved from Folkboats to a somewhat larger Nicholson, he still keeps an active interest in the Irish Sea Folkboat Sailing.  As has become the tradition a good night was had by all, and our thanks go to Robbin Pinner, for organising the event and ex folkboaters and now supporters, Gordon Brown and Joyce Griffith, for their invaluable assistance.



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Left to Right:
Beryl Maguire, Ralph, Mike Maguire, and Jean..

Beryl and Mike have recently sold Spook IV, and are now the proud owners of a nearly restored BobCat, which they intend to move to Minorca via the French Canals.   Question; who is not eating their share of the spuds?

At last; some Folkboat sailors

Left to Right:
Doug and Anita McGarvie (Argo), Martin and Glen Ellis (Merch Medina), Magie and Bill Barry (Tyra), Peter Marshall and Gordon Brown (ex Neomys).

Gordon and Peter sail Macwester Parmelia which is considered the Folkboat Association, Irish Sea Section's flagship!!

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These good people are not Folkboaters but no doubt the photographer took this photograph for some good reason.

PS. Mr & Mrs Hogan who is in fact Geln Ellis's hairdresser

Left to Right:
Helen Daniels (Gibbon), Joyce Griffith, Grahm Wilson (ex Alar), Meg Pinner (Neomys) and Keith Houghton (Blyth Spirit)

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Left to Right:
Sandra Daniels (non sailing finacer of Gibbon), Robin Pinner (Neomys), Harry Gregory and Royston Farmer (ex Roccoca now sailng Twister Senta)
Left to Right:
Karen, Helen Daniels, Joyce Griffith, Graham Wilson, Meg Pinner, Keith Houghton and Sandra Daniels.

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