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The Begining

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The following is part of an email sent by Kim Klaka who now lives in Western Australia.

"I was astounded to come across your Irish Sea Folkboat Association website. My father, Edgar Klaka, founded this organisation together with Peter Gale ("En Route")in the winter of 1966 and it is wonderful to know it is still thriving. Dad went on to win the Irish Sea Folkboat week every year from 1968 to 1971 inclusive in Wuppdich. I remember as a youngster all the efforts to get companies to provide trophies (Spinnaker Cup, City Centre Boatyard Cup etc.) for the first event, and licking what seemed like 5 million envelopes of newsletters and entry forms. I also remember the tremendous camaraderie built up in those early years. I am still in touch with the Cubbon family who sailed Tricia, who are in turn in touch with the Lloyds who sailed Sula and Suzanne Chapman (I forget which boat). "

Kim's efforts as postman were not in vain since the association presents 14 trophies every year, and in the space of nearly 35 years only one has gone astray.  We have a lot to thank Kim's father and Peter Gale for and I know Kim is thrilled that the association continues to thrive and the camaraderie gets stronger by the year.
Rallies pre 1990

Past Chairpersons

Edgar Klaka & Peter Gale - Wicklow 1968 to
Seamus O'Carrol - Howth         to  1991
Mike Maguire - Menai Bridge 1991 to 1993
Robin Pinner - Menai Bridge 1993 to presant


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