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Arklow 2002

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Results: Trophys: Programme: Conditions of entry: Getting to Arklow: Racing Instructions: Participating Boats: Arklow Marina: Accomodation: Arklow General Information: Arklow Sailing Club: Navigation Information


Boat/Race 1 2 3 4 5 Total points Position Crews Race
Alar DNS DNS DNS 3 6 25 6th  
Gibbon 4 3/4 4 4 4 12.75 4th 3rd
Feorling 3 DNF 3 2 3 11 3rd 2nd
Neomys 3/4 DNS 3/4 DIS 3/4 10.25 2nd 1st
Seranader DNS DNS DNS DNS 5 29 8th  
Triton 2 DNF 2 3/4 2 6.75 1st  
Xania 5 DNF 5 6 8 24 5th  
Olwen DNS DNS DNS 5 7 28 7th  

DNS did not Start
DNF did not finish
DIS Disqualified
Discards highlighted GREEN


Award Boat Skipper Trophy
1st Overall Triton Carl Levens Irish Sea Trophy
2nd Overall Neomys Robin Pinner Aer Lingus Trophy
1st Handicap Gibbon Eric Daniels City Centre Cup
Best Irish Boat Triton Carl Levens. McAusland Memorial Trophy
Best UK Boat Neomys Robin Pinner Swellies Shield
Best Wooden Boat Neomys Robin Pinner B&I Trophy
Best GRP Boat Triton Carl Levens GRP Trophy
Best Newcomer Feorling Fionntán Ó Cinnéide Folkboat Plate
Crews Race Neomys Martin Pinner Port St Mary Trophy
Best Cruising boat Alar Paraig Killeen Manx Millennium Trophy
Winner Race 1 Neomys Robin Pinner Spinnaker Cup
Winner Race 2 Gibbon Eric Daniels Folkboat Cup
Winner Race 3 Neomys Robin Pinner Guinness Cup
Winner Race 4 Triton Carl Levens Dublin Bay Cup
Winner Race 5 Neomys Robin Pinner Waterford Rose Bowl
Best Blunder Xania Dave Connolly Camaes Bay Hoe

Folkboat week 6th to 11th July 2002
hosted by

Arklow Sailing Club


The Irish Sea Folkboat committee would like to thank the Officers, Committee, and members of the Arklow Sailing Club for their support as hosts of our rally Arklow.

Officers and Committee

Arklow Sailing Club

President         Peter Whelan
Commodore David Moody
Liason Officer Lian Friedrich

Irish Sea Folkboat Rally Committee 2002

Irish Sea Area Chairman  Robin Pinner
Irish Representative          Dave Connolly
Arklow Sailing Club          Lian Friedrich
Race Officer                   Eugene Wickstead

General Organisers Robin Pinner ( 01691 653230 home: 07714 211779
                                Dave Connolly ( 01 8321516 home 
Programme Editor Eric Daniels ( 0113 282 3725 home  07801 267958 mobile

Address for all correspondence:-

UK Mr Robin Pinner
5 Bradley Fields
SY11 1SP

Ireland: Dave Connolly
142 Clonkeen Crecent
Deans Grange
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

Arklow Marina ( +353 (0)402 39901


Saturday 6th July Stopover in Wicklow (Some boats may wish to sail directly to Arklow)

Sunday 7th July Arrive in Arklow. Evening in Sailing club berthing on pontoons in the river

Monday 8th July Skipper’s briefing 0900. Two medium length races back to back. Start 1130

Tuesday 9th July Three short races back to back or with a lunch break in the harbour. Start 1000.
                                BBQ in the evening at the sailing club

Wednesday 10th July Lay Day. (Club Race in the evening)

Thursday 11th July One or two short races including the Crew’s race. Prize giving dinner in the evening at the sailing club

Friday 12th July Depart (also the editor’s birthday)

Note 1 The pontoons belong to the Marina and are the first set of pontoons on the North side of the river, just beyond the Marina entrance

Note 2 The range of the tide in Arklow is very small, 0.8m at springs, 0.3m at neaps. The harbour is accessible 24h except in strong easterly winds.

Conditions of Entry

The entry fee of £20 or €30 must accompany the entry form. The entry fee does not cover the cost of marina berthing nor any meals at the social events. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the committee.
All boat owners must be members of the Folkboat association; non-members may join on arrival.

General information

Boats should register with the Marina Office on arrival stating they are participating in the Folkboat rally and pay the appropriate dues (€10 per night on the pontoons outside of the Marina). All participating boats will be honorary members of Arklow Sailing Club for the duration of the event, and will have use of the club's facilities.

The programme is subject to change, depending on weather, tides. Briefings will be held as appropriate (normally 0830) at a location near the Club House.

Getting to Arklow

The South going tide in Dublin Bay begins at approximately 0830 on Saturday 6th July. The intention is to stop off at Wicklow on Saturday night. Those wishing to sail in company should contact Dave Connolly. It is approximately 22nm from Dun Laoghaire to Wicklow.

For boats in North Wales (Menai Bridge) high water slack at the Swellies is 0648 on Saturday 6th July. Boats in Caernarfon will be able to head south over Caernarfon Bar a little earlier. It is approximately 60nm from Caernarfon Bar to Wicklow and approximately 14nm from Wicklow to Arklow. If you wish to sail in company contact Robin Pinner.

There is 24-hour access to both Wicklow and Arklow, but strong SE to NE winds makes access to Arklow difficult.

We have arranged berthing on the pontoons just beyond the marina, (North side of the river). This will give us access to both the sailing club and the Marina facilities. The fish dock on the south side of the river is also available but there is only one WC/shower (in the lifeboat station0 and it is a long walk to the clubhouse.

General Racing Instructions

Racing will in accordance with the sailing instructions of The Race Officer and Folkboat Association rules.

All races shall be sailed under the rules of the IYRU with ISA prescriptions, except as amended in these instructions. Race courses will be set for each race by the OOD

Starting Signals

10 minute - Warning signal Class Flag "U" hoisted
5 minute - Preparatory Code Flag "P" hoisted
Start - Both flags lowered

Timings are by the above flag signals and will be accompanied by sound signals, which will act as an aid only.


Individual recalls will be indicated by Numeral Pennant Zero and may be accompanied by a sound signal. No boat numbers will be displayed

In the event of a general recall two sound signals will be made and the 1st substitute Flag will be broken out, and a new warning signal will be made five minutes after the preceding Starting signal.

Cancellations and Abandonment

Code flag "N" will be flown over Class Flag "V" with two sound signals.


Displaying the answering Pennant with two sound signals shall signify that the race is postponed. The warning Signal will be one minute after the Pennant is lowered.

Shortening course

Races may be shortened at the discretion of the Race Officer. In this event, the finishing line will be between the main mast of the Committee Boat and the next mark on the course or a mark laid at approximately right angles to the leg from the preceding mark. When crossing this line the mark will be passed on the same side as in the course instructions. A sound signal will be made as the leading boat approaches this line and Code Flag "S" will be flown.

Alternative Penalties

IYRU Rule 74.5 and Appendix B 1, shall apply for infringements of a rule of Part IV. When a boat is so penalised the following boats shall each move up one place in the finishing order for the race.

Touching a Mark

IYRU Rule 52.2 shall apply following the touching of any marks on the course, that is the requirement to make one complete 360° turn at the first reasonable opportunity.

Alteration of Courses

The Committee may change, alter or substitute start times, time limits, and courses as they see fit. Notification will be given at the briefing.


Protests must be lodged with the Race Officer at the Club within two hours of the completion of the race concerned or at the first available opportunity. The protested boat must be informed of the protest and its nature. Protests should be written on the official I.S.A. protest form and will be heard two hours after the time limit for the last race of the day unless otherwise arranged by the Protest Committee Chairman or The Folkboat Week Chairman.

Scoring system

Races 1, ,2, 3, 4 and 5 shall count for points. A boat shall count ¾ point for first place, 2 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and so on. A boat that starts, in accordance with IYRU rule 51.1, but does not finish for a reason other than a breach of Rule, and including a boat which breaks a rule but retires within a reasonable time, shall score points equal to the number of boats which started in the race. The same shall apply to a boat breaking a Rule at or near the finish provided the Race Officer is notified of the retirement as soon as possible.

A boat which breaks a rule but does not retire promptly or one which is disqualified shall score one or more points than the number of boats that started in the race.

A boat that does not start shall score one more point than the greatest number of starters in any points race in the series.

If five races finish, one discard is allowed, if less than five races finish, then no discard is allowed.

The boat with the lowest score shall win after the results of all points races are totalled, discarding the worst race if appropriate. In the event of a tie on total points between two or more yachts, then the order of the second points race shall determine the result.


The Committee wish to point out that in the spirit of Folkboat Week owners will generally be expected to helm their own boats, except of course in the Crew’s race, when the helm should be regular Folkboat crew.


Attention is drawn to IYRU Rule part 1B. Neither the Arklow Sailing Club, the Folkboat association nor the committee can accept responsibility for any damage, or injury caused during this Folkboat Week.

Safety Equipment

Yachts should comply with rule 9.8 of the Folkboat Class Racing Regulations (page 11) regarding recommended minimum safety equipment.

Prizes and Trophies

Prizes will be awarded for the first three places in all races, together with additional prizes for the first five places overall. Prizes will be awarded for placings on handicap. Prizes will be awarded for other events. Momentos will be presented to all participating boats. Perpetual trophies will be presented as appropriate.

Should racing be disrupted, prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the committee.




Paraig Killeen




Eric Daniels

Menai Bridge



Fionnan O'Clanadoc

Dun Laoghaire



Robin Pinner

Menai Bridge



Jackie Connick

Kilmore Quay



Gordon Parker




Carl Levins

Dun Laoghaire



Dave Connolly

Dun Laoghaire

Accompanying Boats


Gordon Brown

Menai Bridge

Sean na Mara

Noel Brien

Dun Laoghaire

Tom Jones

Doug McGarvie



Roy Biddle

Dun Laoghaire

The following information is provided by courtesy of Alan Stuart (Xania)


Arklow Marina:

Arklow Marina is now complete and in full operation. The marina basin is located on the North bank of the River Avoca, located upstream of the commercial port. It is within 5 minutes walk of the town centre. The entrance to the marina is immediately at the west end of the commercial North quay.

Although it likely that a group discount shall be obtained for Folkboat Week, the following mooring fees apply:




0-10 metres






















Pro Rata

Pro Rata

(including electricity)

Marina Facilities:

There are 42 berths in the inner harbour and 30 berths on pontoons upstream of the marina entrance.

  • Shower and toilet facilities are located in the old salvage building to the east of the marina basin.
    Fresh water and electrical connections are available in the marina and on the pontoons.

  • Diesel fuel is available from the Esso shop on the dock on the south side of the River Avoca.

  • Bottled gas is available up the town.

  • Vessels over 14 metres in length should berth on the river pontoons.

Marina Contact Details:

Arklow Marina Ltd.,
North Quay,
Co. Wicklow,

Telephone: (Work) (0402) 32619
(Home) (0402) 32610
(Mobile) 00 353 87 2515699
Facsimile: (0402) 31230
E-mail: agency@otooleshipping.ie

Bed & Breakfasts (for the sea-sick, the romatically inclined, or those who get lucky!):





Ashwood House

Mrs Dympna Clune

(0402) 31624


Doban B&B

Catherine Dunne

(0402) 32580


The Gables

Maeve O’Connor

(0402) 33402


Vale View B&B

Lourdes Crotty

(0402) 32622



Deirdre Bishop-Power

(0402) 39200


What to do:

There are a host of things to do in Arklow and the surrounding south Co. Wicklow area when not sailing/racing. Some of these are described on enclosed documentation.

First of all, Arklow hosts a fine Maritime Museum in the local library. Located in the centre of town the facility depicts the strong seafaring tradition of the area, especially in relation to merchant marine endeavours. Arklow has a long history dating back to the Menapii tribe in 6400 B.C. at the end of the Ice Age, to 9th century Viking settlers, the Cromwellian and Willamite wars, the 1798 Rising, through to a renowned boat-building industry in the 19th and 20th centuries (Sir Francis Chichester's yacht Gypsy Moth II in which he won the transatlantic single handed yacht race, was built in Tyrell’s yard. In 1981 the same yard also designed and built the Irish Navy’s training sail vessel the Asgard II). It is one of the finest museums of its type in Ireland. The main attractions are memorabilia, models of ships such as the Titanic and recovered artefacts, especially from the Lusitania. Visitors are also given a 15-minute visual presentation on the history of the maritime Arklow.

A self-guided heritage tour can be done of the town too, the details can be got from the Bord Fáilte office at the top of Main Street.

Opportunities for swimming exist at nearby Clogga Strand, Brittas Bay and Ballymoney beaches.

A leisure centre is on the north bank of the River Avoca near Ferrybank and hosts a swimming pool, tennis courts, a gym and other facilities.

A pleasant River Walk exists accessible from a number of points from the town centre. This newly refurbished town walk follows the line of the river Avoca for about ½ mile as it meanders along the railway line. En route, you will see many different river birds and plants in a tranquil setting. At the end of the walk turn left up Proby's Lane to come out onto the Vale Road, and left again back in to town.

Arklow Sailing Club:

Arklow Sailing Club is our host club for the week. Mr Breffni Kelly, Treasurer and Bar Manager, has assured the bar will be open for all nights of the week. Details of meals and dining arrangements shall be circulated shortly. Husband and wife Folkboating team Egon and Liane Friedrich shall answer any questions about local racing.

e-mail: friedrich@eircom.net

Local Navigational Information:

Arklow : 52º 47'.60N 06º 08'.20W


Admiralty Chart 633

Imray C61

Ordnance Survey 62

Macmillan Reeds Nautical Almanac 2000 Page 648



Arklow provides good 24 hour shelter, but entry when winds are strong North East to South East and the sea breaks across the bar are to be avoided.  A 30 berth marina is available approx 500M up river on the  starboard side.  Visitors' berth is also available at the Arklow Sailing Club pontoon, again a further 100M up on the starboard side.  There is a 3Kn speed limit within the harbour.

Navigational Hazards

Generally there are no navigational hazards, however a general look out should be made for numerous fishermen's pots which are usually indicated by coloured jerry cans.

Navigational  Race Marks

During the Arklow Club racing season (first week in May to last week in September), racing marks are laid out at approximately the following locations:  

Off the North Pier (Start / Finish Buoy)

52º 47'.77N 06º 08'.23W

Off the North Beach (Porter's Buoy)

52º 48'.55N 06º 07'.24W

Off the Roadstone Jetty (Roadstone Buoy)

52º 46'.81N 06º 08'.40W

Approx 1.25 Km due east of the Arklow Pier (Outer Buoy)

52º 47'.35N 06º 06'.17W


To submit new information contact Eric Daniels

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