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Carlingford 1994

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Folkboats in Howth 1994

Irish Sea Area - Folkboat week 1994
Mike Maguire, Chairman Irish Sea Area

This event yet again was an outstanding success.   Supported by some twenty boats from North and South Ireland, Wales and England, it enjoyed the benefits of the recently opened Carlingford Marina..   The sheltered waters of the Lough and perhaps most of all, some ideal weather - every day a light early morning breeze at the start of the first race increasing to a 4-5 by mid day, dying to a breeze again at the finish of the last race.   And I know it's hard to believe, but sunshine most of the time.

The highlights were; one mast overboard (failed chainplates fastenings), about 6 different race winners, the overall winner being Seamus O'Carroll in Talisman .    There was no handicap system used.   We had prizes for the Best Cruising Boat Competition (some fantastic meals prepared on board for this), Best Visitor, Best Irish boat, Best English boat, Best Newcomer, and also 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each race.

I am sure everybody who attended would wish me to use this newsletter to once again thank all those who organised the event, particularly the Commodore and Officers of the Dundalk Sailing club, and the Howth class captain Michael Marr.

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Rafted up in the new Carlingford Marina.

Note the mastless Folkboat opposite the cabin cruiser.
Inspect your chainplates NOW

Spook IV, Neomys, with Gibbon in the rear

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Sailing in Howth Autumn 1994
Graham Wilson reports on Folkboat racing in Howth - a beautiful sailing area 10 miles north of Dublin, Ireland.

Folkboat racing has been very active in Howth this autumn. We have had a closely fought 6 race one design series within the Howth Yacht Club 'Autumn Series' sponsored by Nissan. Seven Folkboats entered and competed for overall scratch and handicap trophies as well as the highly sought after 'Nissan Race Winner' jackets for the individual races. The competing boats were Alar (FB468), Talisman (FB595), Anoushka (FB550), Betty the Boat (FB578), Alpha (FB552), Gibbon (FB551), and Footloose (FB553). Alar and Talisman eventually emerged ahead on points in a closely fought dual reminiscent of the Irish Sea Folkboat week earlier in Carlingford Lough this year. The series was eventually won by Alar - a beautiful wooden Sheperd built boat of 1967. She is carvel planked with mahogany above the waterline and larch below.

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