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Carlingford 2004

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Folkboat week 18th to 22nd July 2004
hosted by
Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club


  • Sunday 18th July Arrival. - Evening in Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club
  • Monday 19th July Race 1 and 2. Evening BBQ at Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club
  • Tuesday 20th July Race 3 and 4. Evening in Carlingford Village
  • Wednesday 21st July Lay Day, or cruise to Warren Point
  • Thursday 22nd July Race 5 (crew's race) and race 6. Prize giving dinner in the evening at the sailing club
  • The races will be held in Carlingford Lough with committee boat start & finish. If time and weather permits extra races can be sailed.


The Irish Sea Folkboat committee would like to thank the Officers, Committee, and members of the Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club for their support as hosts of our rally.

Officers and Committee Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club

Commodore: Joe McCumiskey
Vice Commodore: John Mckevitt,
Sailing Sec James: Byrne

Irish Sea Folkboat Rally Committee 2004

Irish Sea Area Chairman: Robin Pinner
(01691 653230 home(07714 211779 mobile
Irish Representative: Paraiog Killeen
Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club: Brendan Dunleavy
0872321874 mobile
Race Office:r Gordon Brown

Carlingford Marina +353 (0)4937 3073

Conditions of Entry
The entry fee of £20 or €30 must accompany the entry form. The entry fee does not cover the cost of marina berthing nor any meals at the social events. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the committee.
All boat owners must be members of the Folkboat association; non-members may join on arrival.

General information
Boats should register with the Marina Office on arrival stating they are participating in the Folkboat rally and pay the appropriate dues. All participating boats will be honorary members of Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club for the duration of the event, and will have use of the club's facilities.
The programme is subject to change, depending on weather, tides. Briefings will be held as appropriate (normally 0830) at the marina.

Getting to Carlingford
All boats should carry chart 2800, Carlingford Lough. The entrance is well marked and is not difficult except in strong winds against the ebb. This can cause heavy seas for about half a mile outside the entrance. The swell stops at the lighthouse. The tide runs at up to 5 knots at the entrance to the Lough. Visiting boats should plan to arrive at the entrance at the beginning of the flood, which begins at approximately 2000 on Sunday 18th July. Carlingford marina is situated about one mile Northwest of Carlingford harbour. Boats without local knowledge should follow the marked channel as far as buoy No. 18 then steer 190°T for the marina. The marina should be contacted on channel 37 (M) for berthing instructions.
Information about Carlingford including details of accommodation.

General Racing Instructions
Racing will in accordance with the sailing instructions of The Race Officer and Folkboat Association rules.
All races shall be sailed under the rules of the IYRU with ISA prescriptions, except as amended in these instructions. Race courses will be set for each race by the OOD

Starting Signals
5 minute - Warning signal Class Flag "V" hoisted
4 minute - Preparatory Flag "P" hoisted
1 minute Flag 'P' lowered
Start - Class flag lowered
Timings are by the above flag signals and will be accompanied by sound signals, which will act as an aid only.

Individual recalls will be indicated by Numeral Pennant Zero and may be accompanied by a sound signal. No boat numbers will be displayed
In the event of a general recall two sound signals will be made and the 1st substitute Flag will be broken out, and a new warning signal will be made five minutes after the preceding Starting signal.

Cancellations and Abandonment
Code flag "N" will be flown over Class Flag "V" with two sound signals.

Displaying the answering Pennant with two sound signals shall signify that the race is postponed. The warning Signal will be one minute after the Pennant is lowered.

Shortening course
Races may be shortened at the discretion of the Race Officer. In this event, the finishing line will be between the main mast of the Committee Boat and the next mark on the course or a mark laid at approximately right angles to the leg from the preceding mark. When crossing this line the mark will be passed on the same side as in the course instructions. A sound signal will be made as the leading boat approaches this line and Code Flag "S" will be flown.

Alternative Penalties
IYRU Rule 74.5 and Appendix B1 shall apply for infringements of a rule of Part IV. When a boat is so penalised the following boats shall each move up one place in the finishing order for the race.

Touching a Mark
IYRU Rule 52.2 shall apply following the touching of any marks on the course, that is the requirement to make one complete 360° turn at the first reasonable opportunity.

Alteration of Courses
The Committee may change, alter or substitute start times, time limits, and courses as they see fit. Notification will be given at the briefing.

Protests must be lodged with the Race Officer at the Club within two hours of the completion of the race concerned or at the first available opportunity. The protested boat must be informed of the protest and its nature. Protests should be written on the official I.S.A. protest form and will be heard two hours after the time limit for the last race of the day unless otherwise arranged by the Protest Committee Chairman or The Folkboat Week Chairman.

Scoring system
The crews' race shall not count towards the overall result A boat shall count 1 point for first place, 2 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and so on. A boat that starts, in accordance with IYRU rule 51.1, but does not finish for a reason other than a breach of Rule, and including a boat which breaks a rule but retires within a reasonable time, shall score points equal to the number of boats which started in the race. The same shall apply to a boat breaking a Rule at or near the finish provided the Race Officer is notified of the retirement as soon as possible.
A boat that breaks a rule but does not retire promptly or one, which is disqualified, shall score one or more points than the number of boats that started in the race.
A boat that does not start shall score one more point than the greatest number of starters in any points race in the series.
If five races finish, one discard is allowed. If fewer than five races finish, then no discard is allowed.
The boat with the lowest score shall win after the results of all points races are totalled, discarding the worst race if appropriate. In the event of a tie on total points between two or more yachts, then the order of the second points race shall determine the result.

The Committee wish to point out that in the spirit of Folkboat Week owners will generally be expected to helm their own boats, except of course in the Crew's race, when the helm should be regular Folkboat crew.

Attention is drawn to IYRU Rule part 1B. Neither the Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club, the Folkboat Association nor the committee can accept responsibility for any damage, or injury caused during this Folkboat Week.

Safety Equipment
Yachts should comply with rule 9.8 of the Folkboat Class Racing Regulations regarding recommended minimum safety equipment.

Prizes and Trophies
Prizes will be awarded for the first place in all races. Prizes will be awarded for placings on handicap. Mementos will be presented to all participating boats. Perpetual trophies will be presented as appropriate.
Should racing be disrupted, prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the committee


Alar FB468
Paraig Killeen
Alara FB526
Johnny White
Feorling FB570
Dun Laoghaire
Fionn O'Cinneide
Mistral FB477
Bill Tyson
Misstress FB233
Brendan Dunlevy
Mistrix FB290
Joe Dillon
Neomys FB257
Robin Pinner
Menai Bridge
Oeninipa FB452
Hugh Quinn
Skjoldunge FB191
Terry Ingles
Bangor NI
Serenader FB457
Gordon Parker
Talisman FB595
Joe Whyte
Triton FB583
Carl Levins
Dun Laoghaire
Hugh Tierney
Tumlin FB254 Rowan Hand Carlingford
Parmelia Gordon Brown Menai Bridge
Southern Breeze Graham Wilson Howth
Sean na Mara Dave Brien Dun Laoghaire
Starcrest Dave Connolly Dun Laoghaire
Vagabond Eric Daniels Menai Bridge
Trundle Roy Biddle Dun Laoghaire




To submit new information contact Eric Daniels

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