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Howth 1995

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Irish Sea Rally July 1995
Seamus O'Carroll wrote to Christine ebster

On behalf of the Committee of Howth Yacht Club and the Irish Sea area of the Folkboat Association, I would like to thank the Folkboat Association and you personally for very kindly presenting a very fine silver salver inscribed 'The Howth Yacht Club Centenary Folkboat Trophy'. I can assure you that the Howth Yacht Club, and the Irish Sea Folkboaters deeply appreciate the Folkboat Association's gesture of support and confidence in the Irish Sea Folkboats. We decided to present this new trophy to winner on handicap, which was Hugh Tierney's Roisin helmed by Sinead Woods.

We had a very successful Folkboat Week here in Howth with 23 entries including ten from across the water, four for the first time. I would particularly like to mention John Backhouse who logged 174 miles from Barrow in Val of Mengeham and Edmond Jenkins who trailed Mara from Chichester to the Menai Strait, launched, had a fire on board but still arrived in Howth.

We had excellent racing with our usual mixture of weather conditions from fluky to 5-6+ and completed all the races. The overall winner was Anoushka (Neil Soffe and Albert Cullen), I was second in Talisman, having thrown it away in the last half mile, (another reason for the subsequent hangover, Peter was the other). Robin Pinner in Neomys won the cruising Boat Competition, and Joe Kilkenny won the Ships Cook prize. As usual nobody went away empty handed.

One final bit of business was to elect Robin Pinner as Irish Sea Area Chairman in succession to Mike Maguire who has done an excellent job over the past five years.

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Siskin with crew and Guests

Gordon Brown (Ebony), Dermott Keeley (Wave Dancer), Helen Daniels (Siskin), Chris Pinner (Neomys), Alex Shotton (Siskin), Mike Maguire (Spook IV), Carl Levens (Triton)

Siskin - more Guests!!

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Mike Blyth (Blyth Spirit) Joyce, Dermot Keeley (Wave Dancer), Gordon Brown (Ebony)


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