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Hoer's Trophy

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The Story of the Hoe Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the boat with an  unusual trip to the rally or an interesting experience while on the Rally

Caemes Bay Hoe Trophy


Spook IV
An epic journey to Howth. The full account is told below.

Mike Maguire & Roger Edenborough


The skipper successfully navigated to Carlingford despite celebrating his 50th birthday in some style prior to departure form Caemes Bay to Carlingford.

Eric Daniels


Merch Medina
Running aground outside The Royal Welsh Yacht Club (his own club).



Broken boom, repaired on the pontoons of Howth Marina after a night in the clubhouse.

Harry Gregory


not awarded



Lost his rudder in the entrance to Carlingford Lough.

Dave Connolly


Running aground outside The Royal Welsh Yacht Club (his own club: seemingly a common problem in Caernarfon!).

Bill Barry


Man overboard on the return from last years rally.  No injuries and all was well in the end

Dave Connolly

Robin Pinner

The Story of The Hoer Trophy

Neil Soffe and Albert Cullen presented this trophy in recognition of an incident involving Spook IV while en route from Wales to Howth for the 1995 rally.

Several boats left Holyhead early in the morning for Ireland, in visibility bad enough to warrant navigation rather more than the usual ‘spot the high speed ferry’. Very quickly the boats lost sight of each other but nevertheless kept radio contact. Outside the breakwater there was a strong NE going tide and a brisk NW wind, resulting in most boats resorting to the iron topsail. After several hours a radio call was received from Spook IV asking if anyone knew anything of the Bolivar Buoy. At this time Spook IV was still sailing. After much frantic searching of the chart the buoy in question was located in Church Bay, somewhat E of Holyhead. This resulted in the dilemma, that either Spook IV was not where her crew thought she was, or the Bolivar Buoy was in a position it had not been seen either before or since that day. The mystery finally resolved itself when Spook IV radioed once again to report that she was being swept by the tide around Carmel Head and eastwards towards West Mouse and Middle Mouse, despite all sail and the big outboard trying to make westward progress. In order to regain some control of the situation and avoid hitting Middle Mouse the crew, Mike Maguire and Roger Edenborough, made for the calm and safety of Caemes Bay, where they would re-fuel, re-group, and re-start. As though their troubles were not enough, shortly after their arrival, they witnessed a large explosion and accompanying pall of smoke from a serious accident at the nearby fluorine plant, resulting in a warning being issued by the BBC, to keep clear of the deadly fumes.

What the crew was not to know is that there is no fuel to be had in Caemes Bay, this news being delivered by a lady who was hoeing her garden. Reading the crews distress and being of a helpful nature this lady offered to drive Mike to the nearest filling station providing Roger remained behind and continued with her hoeing!

So, the garden looking spik and span, suitably re-fueled, and this time with a fair tide Spook IV once again set for Ireland where she arrived in the early hours, too late for the reception, but in good time for the first race.


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